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"...Tomsk International Science Program is a great opportunity for students to work in an international team, 
which is led by the University of Maastricht and other Universities. Working in teams is always interesting,
it gives you an opportunity to exchange with ideas, because people in a group are different and the way they
think is also different..."

                                      Sony Himanshu (India)  

"...I think it is very important to study in an interdisciplinary field, because in real life the problem is not really to be for one expert to solve it. Studying in an interdisciplinary field we practice to collaborate with people from other fields to make a better solution for the problem we are facing..."

                                                                                                                                  Shih Yi-Chen (Taiwan)

"...Team working has a lot of advantages, such as sharing ideas, more productive work, opportunity to save time
and concentrate on the problem..."

                                        Andrei Dutov (Russia)